Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Importance of Meta Tags

About meta tag, we know it is the HTML tag which appear in the head section of the web page. Meta tags says about the pages in

short and in descriptive mode what is on the page. Some years before its importance was great but now it has low importance. Some

people says that it is dead now. But I think it is not dead. It has still importance.

In the early age of search engine optimisation there was nothing but keywords selections. If you putted keywords on your meta tag

your site had ranking by that keywords but now it is not like that because that was keywords spam in the search engine rather than

producing a quality websites which user is needed. Now, if you put keywords on your meta tag it should be related to your page

content and products.

Another thing is keywords density. Meta tag creates keyword density. So, if you use more keywords in your meta tag in keywords

section, it will create more density for your pages. So, I recommend on my practice that if you use keywords or key phrases on your

meta, use synonyms of keywords rather than repetition of keywords. Suppose, if you have a site related to “SEO and Online

Marketing”, use keywords like these – SEO, search engine optimization, online marketing and nothing else. If you use more it will

be harmful for your pages.

Rather than keywords in meta, use keywords or key phrases in title, descriptions, H1, H2, H3 or in content. It should be in proper

place. You can say it is web page and content optimization according to the keywords.

Which keywords you are targeting from your web page, should be include in your title with some more density after that in

descriptions, keywords, meta descriptions and lastly it should be in content.

Keywords as anchor if you use to get links for your websites from quality and theme related sites, will be better from meta. In my

views meta tag keywords are not dead, it has still meaning but if it is in proper proportion.

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