Sunday, August 10, 2008

How Does a Site Gets Optimized?

Search Engine Optimization depends upon three factors:

* On Page Optimization
* Internal Page Optimization
* Off Page Optimization

Every factor has it’s own importance in SERP’s. It’s unfair to say that a particular factor has more value than other. They are incomplete without each other.

It’s very simple to compare it with our normal life as we can’t say that we can live without water OR food. We need both things to survive. In the same manner combine efforts of all these factors remains your site live.

How to Improve your Search Engine Rankings and Increase Website Traffic?

Are you satisfied with your website? Do you believe that your site is drawing in enough traffic, people are getting what they came for, and there’s really no room for improvement?

* Target Marketing-Match Your Intended Audience?
* Keep It Simple
* Keyword and Phrases: Make Your Site Search-Engine Friendly
* Including Keywords and Phrases In Your Content and Source Code
* Place your important keywords at the top of the page as text headers
* Your most important page and keywords should be on the first page of a website.
* Write Good Content
* Using Title Tags in Search Engine Optimization
* Using Meta Tags
* Acquire Quality Back Links
* Every 3 months you should make a small change on each web page. Search engines like to see that changes are being made to a site and that it just isn’t sitting there for years with no upgrades

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