Sunday, August 10, 2008

Latest Process for for making your link popular..........

Link popularity

Link popularity is meant for the number of inbound links coming towards your web site. In this essence your site link is considered as the popular link because other site owners are ready to put their links on your web site.

Condition of link popularity

Search engines like Google put one condition for inbound links. According to search engines all the inbound links are not equal; the inbound links should be quality links. There quantity is not important. The quality of the links depends upon the page rank given by search engines.

Few search engines have their special strategy of indexing the sites that when the sites will put their link (search engine’s) link on their web sites then only the search engines will index and rank the web site. Google and Yahoo do not put any such condition.

Importance of link popularity

Link popularity determines the position of web site in the web world. The popular links gets highly positioned in the search engine result page where it is viewed by gigantic audience which most of the time can convert into customers. Link popularity is the indicator of site’s firm and trustworthy position.

Tools of link popularity

Increasing page rank

A good page rank is the indicator of site’s performance and its position in the result page. Every other link wants to get connected with the link with good page rank. Such quality links higher up the position of web site and the web site is visited by numerous visitors.
To higher the page rank the strategy of web site construction should be followed.

One look at the competitors

You have to keep an eye on the position of your competitors that which strategies they are adapting for link popularity. Try to go through the same way. Search for the inbound links linking to them and make an effort to link your web site also with those inbound links with the urge of request.

Avoid links from spam sites

The site which practice spamming to increase the page rank if even has good page rank is dangerous for linking. Such links if are caught by the search engines banned for upcoming days. Such sites are troublesome for the connected links. So better is avoid these spam sites.
Reciprocal linking

Reciprocal linking is the exchange of links to each other’s web site. It is helpful because in future there are chances to increase the page rank of the web sites. Reciprocal linking give vast chance of good position because the link which you are getting through reciprocating may be linked with some other site with good page rank.

Benefit of link popularity

Suppose your link is very popular and is linked with many other links. This means they are ready to put your URL on their web site. Now when the visitor will scroll their web site he will get link from their towards your web site and view your site as well. Thus this option will give you the opportunity to expand your sell as many of the web masters can turn into customers.

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