Saturday, August 9, 2008

Optimizing Your Title Tag

Without question the title tag of your page is the single most important factor to consider when optimizing your web page for the search engines. This is because most engines & directories place a high level of importance on keywords that are found in your title tag. The title tag is also what the search engines usually use for the title of your listing in the search results.

Are every one of your title tags optimized?

For best results in the engines they all should be!

Use the Submit It! spider to easily check every title tag on your site for optimization and fomatting problems.

Get title tag help!

What it looks like:

Here's the title tag of this page:
TITLE>Your Title Tag - learn to optimize your title tag/TITLE>

Where it belongs:

The correct placement for the title tag is between the HEAD> and /HEAD> tags within the HTML the makes up your page.

Tag limits:

We recommend that your title tag be between 50-80 characters long - including spaces! The length that the different search engines accept varies, but as long as you keep within this limit you should be ok.

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