Sunday, August 17, 2008

Basic Tips for New Blogger

Basic SEO tips That every new Blogger Must know

1. Firstly to astrt with add your web site or the blog to google by using publish post option in your blog,add your site using "http://" prefix and then add something to

comment section.
2. Do link exchange with other web sites that are relevant to your site theme,by this way google robot will quickly index your site.
3. Make a sitemap and send it to Google Webmaster Tools,this will speed up google's index bots.
4. Add your web site to directories lie
5. content of your site is the most mportant thing to be payed attention on, use text content rather than pictures video stuff.
6. If you have copied text from the website and have copied in your's ,give the website's link from where you copied the text.
7. Do not add your link to warez,porn sites,this will reduce your pagerank value.
8. Do not give links to warez,porn,keygen sites..this will reduce your pagerank value too.
9. Do not write like "u","i ave gt","r"..etc , do not use slang.
10. Add your link to communities like technorati,,digg etc.
11. Do not use "free porn","xxx","xxx v4 keygen" etc. word in meta section to get more visitors.
12. Do not put irrelevant keywords to your title.

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Rajesh Kumar said...

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